In December 2022, the United Nations General Assembly adopted a resolution on “Promoting Easy to Understand Communication for Accessibility of persons with disabilities.”

This resolution is important because it means that the United Nations has decided that easy to understand communication is important to them, and they have made a commitment to work on this.

The United Nations will also be releasing a new report on the development, use and implementation of easy-to-understand language with recommendations on guidelines and good practices.

There will also be a half day meeting organised by the United Nations General Assembly close to the Conference of States Parties planned in June.

These opportunities are an important chance for our network to use this new resolution to influence the United Nations to work in a more inclusive way.

Inclusion International and Down Syndrome International are hosting a joint webinar on the 6th April 2023, 1:00pm GMT to talk about this opportunity.

During the webinar, members will get more information about:

  • How to talk to your governments about easy to understand communication
  • Good examples of using easy to understand communication and good examples of joint work with governments
  • How to engage in the United Nations processes on easy to understand communication.

Members of Inclusion International and Down Syndrome International can register for the webinar on April 6th at this link.

For more information about the webinar or for help to register, contact Ailis or Manel.