Inclusion International MENA

Inclusion International MENA

Inclusion International MENA region was created in 2005 and registered in 2008 is a union of regional organizations which all believe in its principles values and objectives, the welfare of persons with intellectual disability.

Inclusion International MENA Region is a nonpolitical, none religious regional and grass root civil organization. It is a federation of organizations who believe in Inclusion International values, principles and believes which lead to secure enjoyment of people with intellectual disability in all the rights of their fellow citizens in addition to their special services.

Our organization was officially licensed by the Lebanese Ministry of Internal Affairs. We had our fourth Yearly Meeting in Benghazi in December 2009 There was adoption of the yearly plan, during which an assignment was set to each council member – representing a member state – to establish an internal communication network especially with parents organizations and other organizations dealing with intellectual disability in their countries.

There will be a yearly council meeting, but the executive office members meet twice a year and whenever needed. It was agreed to establish a web page with the name of our regional organization. It was also agreed upon holding a periodic conference which discusses various basic matters related to Education, Health, Employment, Housing, and Cultural issues of people with intellectual disability and their families.

II MENA Region will represent the world wide Inclusion International in the Middle East and North African geographic Region.

Many of the members expressed their wish to attend the II World Congress in Berlin next June.

Registration and Yearly Fees

It was agreed that Registration Fees to join the II MENA will be $ 200 and the Yearly Fees will be $ 200. II MENA had such none expensive fees due to our sincere concern to enroll parents and self-advocacy organizations in the region who are striving to establish their organizational setup. The fees to be enrolled in the mother organization will be discussed later.

As for self-advocates, it was agreed that there will a representative form each country in the general assembly. They will elect their representatives, one from Middle East and one from North Africa.

II MENA is committed to the Principles and Vision of the Worldwide Inclusion International.

Contact details of II Mena

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Hallk & Daouk Building
PO Box 14/6688

Tel: +961 1815526 , +961 1685707
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