In June 2023, full members were invited to nominate a self-advocate from their organisation to run for the role of Vice-President of Inclusion International.

Only self-advocates are eligible to run to be Vice-President.

The Nominating Committee received valid nominations from 5 candidates:

  • Luis Gabriel Villarreal Peralta (Colombia), nominated by ASDOWN Colombia
  • Caroline Naluwemba (Uganda), nominated by Zanzibar Association of Persons with Developmental Disabilities (ZAPDD)
  • Samuel Delali Anku (Ghana), nominated by Inclusion Ghana
  • Sheri Brynard (South Africa), nominated by Down Syndrome South Africa
  • Uli Cartwright (Australia), nominated by Inclusion Australia

Each candidate met with the Nominating Committee for an interview to make sure they meet all the rules of who can be Vice President. 

To help our voters make a decision about who to vote for as our next Vice-President, each candidate prepared a short bio and a video to introduce themselves to the members:

Luis Gabriel Villarreal Peralta

Luis Gabriel Villarreal Peralta is a self-advocate from Bogotá, Colombia. He currently represents the Americas region on the Council of Inclusion International. He is also a leader within ASDOWN Colombia. He has been working to help people with intellectual disabilities for a long time. 

Luis has gone to important meetings in different countries to talk about the rights of people with disabilities, like COSP. Luis participates in Empower Us and has helped develop the Listen Include Respect guidelines that makes sure people with disabilities can be included in organisations. He also works to make sure people with disabilities know about their rights when it comes to their bodies and health.

Caroline Naluwemba

Caroline Naluwemba is a self-advocate from Inclusion Uganda. She is passionate about advocating for the rights of people with intellectual disabilities. Caroline started her own advocacy group after Inclusion Uganda trainings, and she uses this platform to talk about independent living and living in the community, good support and inclusive employment. She uses her experience to promote skill development for people with intellectual disabilities and to empower families and communities.

Caroline holds a diploma in project planning and management from Makerere University and has been involved in advocacy projects related to human rights, employment, and inclusive education. She is also the CEO of her own business, Caroline Fashions, where she does tailoring, jewellery, and makes door and table mats.

Samuel Delali Anku

Samuel Delali Anku is a dedicated self-advocate from Inclusion Ghana. He is a skilled leader who excels in building relationships and persuading diverse individuals to support social causes.

With a passion for progress and a commitment to inclusive education and disability rights, he currently serves as the Vice Chairperson of Inclusion Africa and as the Self-Advocate Board Member at Inclusion Ghana. He has also been a facilitator for the Empower Us training in Ghana. Samuel is poised to continue making a positive impact on society through his advocacy efforts.

Shéri Brynard

Shéri Brynard from Down Syndrome South Africa is a dedicated self-advocate with Down Syndrome.

Sheri overcame significant challenges to become the only qualified assistant teacher with Down syndrome in South Africa. Sheri currently works as an assistant teacher at a school for learners with special education needs. She is passionate about inclusive education for people with disabilities and other disadvantaged groups.

As an international Down syndrome ambassador and speaker, Sheri is committed to raising awareness about the abilities of people with intellectual disabilities globally.

Uli Cartwright

Uli Cartwright is a self-advocate from Australia. Uli uses his own life experiences to help people with disabilities get better support that is focused on them. Uli works with an organization called VALID and talks to people in group homes about their rights and how to speak up for themselves.

Uli is passionate about guardianship laws in Australia and has made many appearances in TV, radio, and his own documentary film about his life.

Uli is eager to use his progressive ideas and lived experience to make a difference.

Full members in good standing are eligible to vote in the Vice-President election. Good standing means the members has paid the 2023 membership fee.

Full members in good standing have already been contacted and asked to nominate the person who will vote on behalf of their organisation.

The voter nominated by their organisation will receive the ballot directly via email at the beginning of the voting week. 

If you think your organisation should be eligible to vote in the election but you have not been contacted and asked to nominate your voter, contact Kimber.

Voting will be open from 18 – 22 September.

Each full member in good standing is allowed one vote from their nominated ballot holder.

Voting will close at 3 PM BST on Friday 22 September.

The Inclusion International Nominating Committee will oversee the voting process and will bring the results of the election to the Council of Inclusion International.

The role of Vice President of Inclusion International Council is an important part of the governance and representation of the Inclusion movement.  

More information on the role can be found below: 

Role of Vice President

Please get in touch if you have any questions.

Thank you.

Nagase Osamu
Chair, Nominating Committee