At the 2024 World Social Forum in Kathmandu, Nepal, Nischal K.C. spoke about Easy Read in a powerful speech. 

The World Social Forum is a yearly meeting of non-governmental organisations (NGOs) that work for change.

Nischal is a self-advocate and member of Parent Federation of Person with Intellectual Disabilities Nepal (PFPID), an organisation run by and for people with intellectual disabilities and a member of Inclusion International.

What is a self-advocate? A self-advocate is someone with an intellectual disability who speaks up for their own rights.

In his speech, Nischal talked about the needs and rights of people with intellectual disabilities in Nepal and other countries like India, Palestine, and Kenya.

Nischal K.C presenting at the World Social Forum 2024

He said they face a lot of discrimination but they still fight for equal rights in their communities.

Raising awareness about Easy Read

At the World Social Forum, Nischal talked about the need for more easy-to-understand information, through Easy Read. More information should be clear and straightforward.

This allows people with intellectual disabilities, hearing and psychosocial disabilities, and learning disabilities to have equal access.

Nischal is involved with a Nepali self-advocacy group that reviews materials to make them easier to understand. The group has helped other organisations like CBM Global, People First UK, and the National Federation of the Disabled, Nepal (NFDN) to make Easy Read Materials.

Beyond calling for Easy Read materials, his main messages included:

  • People with intellectual disabilities need to have their choices respected.
  • Bullying and violence must end.
  • Listen to people with intellectual disability, rather than speaking for them.

Nischal challenged stereotypes through his speech, saying “If given opportunities, we can do many things. Give us the chance to work.”

Easy Read makes sure self-advocates and people with intellectual disabilities are included when decisions are being made.

If given opportunities, we can do many things.

Nischal K.C., Self-advocate, Nepal

PFPID Nepal and other organisations actively participated at the forum through organising, presenting, and learning.

Together they are committed to empowering people with intellectual disabilities and other underrepresented communities for a more inclusive world.

About PFPID Nepal

Parent Federation of Person with Intellectual Disabilities (PFPID) is a non-governmental organisation leading the intellectual disability movement in Nepal.

About the World Social Forum

The World Social Forum is an annual global gathering of activists, policymakers, and academics trying to build a better world. The forum is a space for people to share ideas, learn from each other, and build networks.