About the survey

The International Disability Alliance (IDA) have launched a Global Survey for Organisations of Persons with Disabilities (OPDs).

The 1st IDA Global Survey showed that there are many barriers for OPDs to take part in creating policies and programmes.

This 2nd survey will collect information about how governments, the United Nations and funding agencies include organizations of persons with disabilities when they are making decisions about their policies and programmes. It will investigate questions like:

  • Is the voice of OPDs included?
  • When it is, is it actually taken into account?
  • Do women with disabilities have equal opportunities?

IDA want to hear from organizations that represent people with intellectual disabilities, including self-advocate organizations.

Making the survey accessible

The 2nd IDA Global Survey is hosted on iData, an online accessible survey platform
developed and tested with persons with disabilities.

It includes accessible features such as read aloud, activating video in International Sign, changing contrast or getting word definitions.

IDA worked together with us and Down Syndrome International to test the survey and platform with self-advocates. We used this process as a test run for the Listen Include Respect guidelines on inclusive participation we are developing.

Why you should take part

We want Organizations of Persons with Disabilities to take the 2nd International Disability Alliance Global Survey because we know that people with intellectual disabilities are often excluded from taking part in the decision making work of governments, the United Nations and funding agencies.

Persons with disabilities and their representative organizations should be part of, and help to create, inclusive programs and policies that advance our rights.

By taking part in this survey  you can help us to make sure more organizations that represent people with intellectual disabilities are included in the future.

Take the survey