What is Zero Project?

The Zero Project finds, shares and celebrates solutions that improve the daily lives and legal rights of all persons with disabilities.

This year’s theme

The Zero Project Call for Nominations 2023 (#ZeroCall23) is focused on Independent Living & Political Participation, and ICT

They want to hear about inclusive, innovative, and solutions they can size up that empower communities around the world.

The application process

Submissions will be evaluated in a multi-step process that includes peer-review and voting.

A select number of solutions will receive a Zero Project Award and support through the Zero Project Network.

The Zero Project encourages nominations from all sectors of society – policy makers, startups, academia, civil society, businesses – and especially, those relating to multiple or severe disabilities, humanitarian action, gender equality, the arts, sexual orientation, psychosocial disabilities, or other multiple disadvantaged groups.

Why apply?

Becoming a Zero Project Awardee means international recognition and joining forces with a global network of 6,000 disability experts, organizations, decision makers, and innovators from more than 100 countries.

How to submit

Submit your nomination by 19 June 2022.

You will be guided through the nomination form step by step.

The form takes approx. 1 hour to complete and it is available in English, German, Spanish,
French, Russian, and Arabic.

Make a nomination