Position Paper – Education

The UN Convention on the Rights of Persons with Disabilities promotes the goal of full inclusion and guarantees the right of every child to attend the regular school with the supports they require.

Inclusion International promotes the rights outlined in the CRPD as the basis for the full development of the person and as a means to enable the person to participate effectively in society.  Inclusion International believes that all persons with disability should be able to choose inclusive education in their own community.

Inclusive education requires that schools are supported to welcome all students with adaptations made for all special needs.

Inclusion international believes that effective inclusive education requires the regular school system to respect the principles of:

  • Non-discrimination
  • Accessibility
  • Accommodation to specific needs through flexible and alternative approaches to learning and teaching
  • Equality of standards
  • Participation
  • Support for meeting disability-related needs
  • Relevance to preparation for the labour market


Inclusion International supports UNESCO’s definition of Inclusive Education as “a process of addressing and responding to the diversity of needs of all learners through inclusive practices in learning, cultures and communities and reducing exclusion within and from education.  It involves changes and modifications in content approaches structures and strategies, with a common vision which covers all children of the appropriate age range and a conviction that it is the responsibility of the regular system to educate all children.” (UNESCO, Guidelines for Inclusion: Ensuring Access for All)

UNESCO and the OECD have also determined that inclusion is the preferred approach to providing schooling for students with special needs.  Conditions required to allow for successful inclusion are also those that contribute to overall school improvement and high levels of achievement for all children.


Inclusion International will work to promote the goal of full inclusion by advocating for

  • Progressive development of inclusive education
  • Ensuring that one Ministry is responsible for the education of all children
  • Teacher training to ensure that individual needs are met in inclusive settings
  • Support to families
  • Inclusive education policy development

Position Paper on Education