Catalyst for Inclusive Education is our programme to promote inclusive education. 

Inclusion in education is very important for Inclusion International members and it is one of the reasons why Inclusion International members came together to form our Network over 60 years ago.

During this time, Inclusion International members have developed knowledge and resources on this issue.


The Catalyst aims to:

  • Develop and strengthen Inclusion International members’ common understanding of Inclusive Education and help them to impact others;
  • Develop a set of advocacy tools to support Inclusion International members’ advocacy work at all levels;
  • Enhance the collaboration among Inclusion International members and strengthen the voice of the Regional Networks;
  • Support Inclusion International members with technical implementation of inclusive education in their countries;
  • Collect, create and share information, knowledge, learning and resources on inclusive education among Inclusion International members.


Catalyst includes a global knowledge network which is formed by Inclusion International Regional leaders and international technical inclusive education experts who can also provide support where the Inclusion International members consider relevant.

This global knowledge network helps Inclusion International members strengthen inclusive education as well as direct support to projects, training, and consulting at country level.