The Committee on the Rights of Persons with Disabilities is a group of experts at the United Nations. Their job is to make sure that countries are respecting the rights of people with disabilities.

They made guidelines about what countries must do to close institutions.

These guidelines are meant to help countries make sure everyone has a good life in the community.

To make the guidelines more accessible to people with intellectual disabilities, Inclusion international brought together a group of self-advocates to make the guidelines easier to understand.

The self-advocates made a series of videos that explains what is in the guidelines.

You can watch the playlist of videos by clicking here.

To read more about this work of making the videos, click here.

Instead of watching the videos, you can also read an easy to understand version.

It is in plain language.

It is the written down version of everything that is said in the videos – this is called a “transcript.” It includes all the same information.

Download (PDF, 464KB)