What is a position paper?

Position papers explain what Inclusion International members think about issues that are important to people with intellectual disabilities and their families. The position papers explain what we want the world to look like.

Every country is at a different point in their journey towards inclusion. The steps we take to move toward our goal will look different in every part of the world, but Inclusion International members around the world agree that full inclusion is our goal.

What it covers

The position paper has 3 sections.

1 What inclusive employment means

  •  We explain what inclusive employment means to us
  •  We explain how inclusive employment means workplaces that are better for everyone

2 Where we are

  • We explain some of the big issues that make it hard for people to get jobs (like discrimination, sheltered workshops, and not having access to education)
  • We explain some of the reasons why it is hard for people to keep jobs

3 Our goal

  •  We explain our vision – a world where all people with disabilities have access to paid jobs that they chose, in inclusive workplaces with good support, and opportunities to grow at work.
  • We explain what we want different actors (like governments) to do.

Why is it important?

Inclusive Employment is an important topic for our network.

At the General Assembly in 2018, members agreed to some big ideas about employment – like real jobs for real pay, needing good support at work, and helping people move out of sheltered workshops. Our position papers explains these ideas more.

Having a position paper helps our network have a united voice and helps us to have clear messages for our advocacy. This is important because inclusive employment is a big issue for many countries and in global work right now.

Download (PDF, 124KB)