The Listen Include Respect guidelines help organisations understand what it means to be an inclusive organisation.

This resource gives step-by-step guides that help organisations understand what they need to do to make sure people with intellectual disabilities are included in their work. 

The Listen Include Respect Guidelines were written by the Inclusion International and Down Syndrome International networks.

Over 1,500 people with intellectual disabilities and their families from almost 100 countries helped write them.

Self-advocates participated in and led the process of developing these guidelines over the 3 years the guidelines were being developed.

The CRPD tells us that all people with disabilities have the right to meaningful participation. “Meaningful participation” is what happens when people with intellectual disabilities get everything they need to be fully included, participate equally, and feel valued.

Listen Include Respect Guidelines

By using the guidelines, organisations can learn about:

  • The challenges that people with intellectual disabilities face when trying to participate in the work of organisations.
  • What key principles and values inclusive organisations hold and promote
  • What actions organisations can take to include people with intellectual disabilities in their meetings, events, communications, projects, governance, and more!

The Listen Include Respect guidelines are important because right now, people with intellectual disabilities are not included in the work of organisations. 

These guidelines can help organisations at different stages in their inclusion journey to take steps towards making their work more inclusive so that everyone can take part and share their valuable ideas. 

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