Honorary Members

The Honorary Life Members is a way to publicly acknowledge the contributions of some of our key leaders. It is also a way to keep the history of Inclusion International alive and to tell the members about those who have worked so hard to build the strength and credibility of Inclusion International.

From 2020: David Corner, Elena Dal Bo, Sara Pickard.

From 2018: Mia Farah, Klaus Lachwitz, Fadia Farah, Maureen Piggot, Vanessa dos Santos.

From 2016: Ralph Jones, Raquel Jelinek, Nagase Osamu, Quincy Mwiya.

From 2012: Diane Richler, Haydee Beckles, Roberto Leal, Ann Turnbull and Rud Turnbull.

FROM 2010: Donald Beasley, Maria Amelia Vamprés, Paule Renoir, Peter Mittler, Yvonne Posternak, Tom Mutters and Ingrid Körner

FROM 2008: Barb Goode, Desmond Corrigan, Fred Heddell, Moussa Charafeddine, Robert Martin.

FROM 2006: Francoise Jan, Gordon Porter, JB Munro, John O’Gorman, Therese Kempeners, Victor Wahlstrom, Walter Eigner.