The Global Disability Summit (GDS) is taking place on 16-17 February, 2022.

This year, the GDS will be mainly online and it is hosted by the Government of Norway, the Government of Ghana and the International Disability Alliance (IDA).

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Advocacy Fact Sheet on Global Disability Summit

Why is it important?

The Summit is important because Governments and Funders make commitments about their work on disability inclusive development.

This means that they commit to include disability issues when making plans to address poverty, discrimination and injustice in their countries.

We must make sure the voices of persons with intellectual disabilities and their families are included during the GDS.

Highlights from our netwrok

Wednesday 16 February12pm CETBringing deinstitutionalization back on the agendaRegisterMore
Wednesday 16 February 5pm CETInclusive Education: Making it HappenRegisterMore
Thursday 17 February 1.30pm CETEvery Learner Matters- Sharing Experiences from the World Bank’s programs on Disability-Inclusive EducationRegisterMore
Thursday 17 February 1pm CETJoining Forces on Inclusive Employment – Global Best PracticeRegisterMore
Thursday 17 February 6pm CETListen to Us, Include Us, Respect UsRegisterMore

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