What is a Catalyst Country Case Study Exercise?

The Zanzibar Association of Persons with Developmental Disabilities (ZAPPD) has worked together with experts on inclusive education to create a session all about progress towards inclusive education in Zanzibar. 

This event is a “country case study”. A country case study is a type of event which breaks down education and inclusion in different countries around the world. Click here to learn more about the initiative.

This event will be a great way to learn more about perspectives on inclusive education within the African region, and to see what strategies ZAPDD has used in Zanzibar that might also work in your country.

These sessions are hosted by Catalyst, which is Inclusion International’s initiative to support II members to work together on inclusive education. 

These events are only open to Catalyst Members and Members of Inclusion International who – even though they are not part of Catalyst in the full cycle – they might attend one or more of these thematic discussions.

Date & Time:

24 July 2023 at 9am EDT. Click here to check your time zone.


If you would like to join this meeting, please email Fede at federicasettimi@inclusion-international.org

Please note that this event will be held in English. If your organization is willing to volunteer and provide an interpretation service for this event, please reach out to Fede at federicasettimi@inclusion-international.org.

Agenda of the meeting:

The event will be moderated by Mónica Cortés and Diane Richler, Co-Chairs of Catalyst for Inclusive Education.

  1. Housekeeping (2 minutes) – Federica Settimi, Inclusion International
  2. Opening Remarks from Co-Chairs (7 minutes) – Mónica Cortés and Diane Richler, Co-Chairs of Catalyst for Inclusive Education:
    1. What is a Catalyst Country Case Study
  3. Presentation on inclusive education in Afghanistan, and on the actions and challenges faced by Enabled Children Afghanistan in the advocacy work (15 minutes) – Lael Mohib and Jahanzeb Daudzai, Enabled Children Initiative Afghanistan and member of Catalyst
  4. Questions & Answers (15 minutes) – Mónica moderates 
  5. Feedback & suggestions (25 minutes) – Diane moderates
  6. Next Steps (5 minutes) – Mónica
  7. Closing Remarks (5 minutes) – Diane