Full Membership


For Full Membership, your organisation must meet all of the following criteria:

family or self-advocate led organisationOrganisations where family members of people with intellectual disabilities or/and self-advocates (people with intellectual disabilities) are involved in the process of the organisation.
national organisationOrganisations registered as national organisations, working across the country or recognised as an organization responsible for bringing a country level voice of families of persons with intellectual disabilities/self-advocates.
not a member of an existing full memberThey may not be a local or regional organisation or a branch/affiliate/memember of one of our existing full members.
agrees with our Statement of UnityAs members we fully commit to the CRPD as the Human Rights Framework to guide our work and as benchmark of the progress we are making towards our vision of a world where people with intellectual disability and their families can participate on an equal basis and be valued in all aspects of community life.



Full members, led by self-advocates and/or families, are the core of our membership and play a key role in the governance of the network. As a full member you will have a say and help to set the direction of the global network by:

  • Taking part and voting on important issues at our General Assembly (e.g. Election of Officers and Council members, strategic plan, new members, etc.)
  • Nominating Regional Representatives to be part of the Inclusion International Council, Committees and working teams (e.g. Membership Committee, Empower Us Team, Catalyst team)

Inclusion International and its members work together to advance inclusion through

Fees & Size

The final decision about the size of your organisation will be made by the Inclusion International Membership Committee after reviewing your application.

For members outside Europe, membership fees will be paid in US Dollars each year.For European members, membership fees will be paid in Euros each year.
Large size organisations $2,750€2,475
Medium size organisations $1,375€1,237
Small size organisations $110€99


  1. Fill out the application form and send it to us along with supporting information about your organisation.
  2. The Inclusion International secretariat will check your form to verify the information and confirm the candidate meets the criteria.
  3. Your application is then reviewed by the Membership Committee, which meet regularly to look at applications.
  4. If you are successful you will be recommended to Inclusion International’s Council for acceptance by the Membership Committee.
  5. You will then be informed if you have been accepted as a new member and membership will begin immediately after receipt of payment.
  6. All memberships are provisional until ratified, which means agreed upon, at the next General Assembly meeting. The General Assembly meet every 2 years. Inclusion International’s Council present new members at the General Assembly and they have the final vote on approving your membership to Inclusion International.

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