CRPD Committee General Comment on Equality and Non-dicrimination

On March 9, 2018 the CRPD Committee adopted its 6th General Comments dealing with Art. 5 CRPD (Equality and Non-Discrimination) which prohibits discrimination against persons with disabilities. The General Comments published by the CRPD Committee are very useful instruments trying to interpret the CRPD and containing many practical and legal hints how to implement the human rights at national level.

The General Comment on Art. 5 CRPD is of utmost importance as persons with intellectual disabilities and their families belong to the most vulnerable people in many countries. Many of them experience discrimination, neglection, disadvantage and segregation in daily life. Inclusion International President Klaus Lachwitz, has analysed and summarized General Comment No. 6 on Art. 5 CRPD from the perspective of persons with intellectual disabilities and their families.

Download Klaus’ summary of the General Comment here