Call to Action: Inclusive Education

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We are running this campaign to draw attention to the issues that people with intellectual disabilities and their families say are the biggest barriers to inclusion.

In January and February 2019 we are focusing the conversation on Inclusive Education.

We want to get as many people as possible to hear our message and to take notice of the issue.

When we all come together we have a very loud voice which cannot be ignored.

We want you to be part of change and join the conversation:

We are collecting examples on the different ways in which our members are working to achieve Inclusive Education.

In February, we will share these examples with you to give you some ideas about what you can do to take action and change things.

If you are a member of Inclusion International and would like to share your work, please complete this form. If you have any images of your project, please send them to:

You can read about some of the strategies our members are using to achieve inclusion by clicking the button below.

Strategy Snapshots

Here are some messages you can copy and paste to Twitter to support our efforts. Thank you for sharing these messages so that more people see them.

Click below to download the GIFs and Social Media visuals to help these messages stand out.

Download Key Messages

You can also write your own message and join the conversation with #ActionOnInclusion #InclusiveEducation

To show your support and to make sure more people see our message, you can click the button below to download images to add to your Twitter and Facebook profiles.

Download Profile Banners

If you want to learn more about what Inclusive Education is and why it is important you can look at the resources below:

Frequently Asked Questions

Inclusive Education = Quality Education Flyer

Inclusion International has a programme called Catalyst for Inclusive Education. It assists our members with initiatives that build on larger education reform efforts, and supports the development of leaders to effectively bring about inclusive education, and the inclusion of people with intellectual disabilities and their families. Learn more about this global knowledge network here.

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